Adam Green gets nominated for a top international literary prize

By Candice Krieger, August 1, 2008

Former stand-up comic Adam Green has been long-listed for the Dylan Thomas literary prize for his debut publication, Satsuma Sun Mover. The £60,000 Dylan Thomas prize is one of the world's most sought-after - and highest-paying - international literary awards.

Mr Green's book is a comedy about, as he puts it, a dweeby undergraduate philosophy student at Cambridge who gets in with the wrong crowd. The 26-year-old tells People: "I don't have an agent and we weren't able to market the book very well, so it is very kind that people have decided to put the book on the long list." He finds out if he makes the short list in September, with the overall winner announced in November.

And what would it mean to win? "It would mean I would have a lot more money," he says. "It would be absolutely hilarious if I won. My book has had quite a tough, short life. It would give me the resources to work on my next publication about Fidel Castro, so I could go to Cuba and concentrate on that." He adds: "And from a purely egotistical level, it would be very nice to win."

Mr Green, a former pupil at Hertfordshire's Aldenham school, says he decided to write Satsuma Sun Mover (Lazy Gramophone) after pondering why nobody had yet come up with a satisfactory comic rendering of the philosophies of Friedrich Hegel.

Home is in Radlett. He is a member of Radlett United Synagogue.

Last updated: 12:08pm, August 1 2008