Rabbi Alexandra Wright brings tango to synagogue

By Candice Krieger, April 14, 2011

It is thanks to former MP Ann Widdecombe that Rabbi Alexandra Wright has instigated tango classes at St John's Wood Liberal Synagogue in north London, where she is minister.

Rabbi Wright tells People: "I saw her dance the tango on Strictly Come Dancing and thought how much fun she seemed to be having." This thought resurfaced on her way to a meeting at the West London Synagogue when Rabbi Wright heard the sounds of the tango coming from the hall. "I went in and saw a class having so much fun. I put the organiser, Jenni Kravitz, in touch with the people who let out our hall and a shidduch was made." She adds: "Many congregants wrote to me saying they would welcome a tango class." But Rabbi Wright isn't surprised, pointing out that Jews have been dancing for thousands of years "as an expression of great joy and relief.

"Miriam led the Children of Israel in dancing to celebrate the parting of the Red Sea, and David danced in front of the Ark of the Covenant."

    Last updated: 12:00pm, April 14 2011