Sam Gaus has some helpful advice for protestors

By Candice Krieger, April 7, 2011

Following the recent riots in London, protesters can now do their best to stay safe during demonstrations courtesy of a new set of online applications created by Sam Gaus and chums.

The range of programmes, called Team Sukey, includes an iPhone app and inform users on the status of roads, crowds, routes and riots. It displays real-time police and protest behaviour combining information sourced directly from protesters and feeds from Twitter, Facebook, SMS, RSS and other sites.

Mr Gaus, a 22-year-old computer science student at University College London, tells People: "I was involved in the protests against rising tuition fees and although I was fine, I would see people coming back looking awful. This isn't how it should be. We realised that you can use technology to provide peaceful protesters with up-to-date news to, assist them in avoiding injury, help them keep clear of trouble spots and avoid unnecessary detention."

A keen protester, Mr Gaus says: "I do think demonstrations have an effect. When you see and hear the numbers of people at protests, there is a huge amount of clout and democratic implications." Although only recently established, the eight-strong Team Sukey, which includes Mr Gaus' father, is already attracting worldwide media attention and was recently featured in the Jewish press in America.

Last updated: 12:02pm, April 7 2011