Chana Levitan says she can help you find Mr Right

By Candice Krieger, March 24, 2011

What is the secret to a happy marriage? Relationship counsellor Chana Levitan reveals all in her debut book, I Only Want to Get Married Once: Dating Secrets for Getting It Right the First Time (Gefen).

A common-sense guide to dating, it proposes ten key questions that singletons should ask before and during the dating process to ensure they don't marry the wrong person.

Jerusalem-based Mrs Levitan, who is married to Rabbi Aryeh Levitan, tells People: "I am trying to help people choose the right person and not get tricked." Questions she advises people should ask themselves include, "Do you share the same basic goals and values? How healthy are your boundaries? and Is there a mutual respect?"

What about common interests? "They are important but not as important as goals and values. Sometimes people match up because they have common interests, such as tennis, but if their values don't match, then this is a serious red alert."

A mother-of-five, Mrs Levitan has been coaching people about relationships for more than 20 years. She is also an international lecturer on the subject and was recently in the UK giving talks.

Last updated: 11:13am, March 24 2011