Clive Selwyn clowns around for a good cause

By Candice Krieger, March 3, 2011

By trade he is a doctor, who advises a pharmaceutical company. Outside of work, he spends his time performing -- as a guitar-playing clown.

Clive Selwyn, who qualified from Barts and the London (QMUL) School of Medicine and Dentistry ten years ago, spends his spare time putting on gigs. Last year, he called upon his entertainment contacts and devised a cabaret act with a circus theme. So successful was it that he has been asked to curate a similar show for the Jewish Community Centre for London's Purim event (JCC). The evening will feature magicians, contortionists, a David Hasselhoff impersonator and an acrobat - and of course "Dr Selwyn the clown", who will be singing and playing the guitar.

The 32-year-old tells People: "My passion is to perform and doing so is a release of my creative energy. I love singing in front of people and healing them through laughter. And I think people like the idea of feeling part of something."

Dr Selwyn, who lives in Kilburn, north London, spent many years working as an anesthetist. Would he like performing to become a full-time job? "I am open to all options. I love my job and I love putting on these events." He is releasing a funk soul EP later this month.

The JCC's Strictly Purim Cabaret, March 17.

Last updated: 10:53am, March 3 2011