Steve Lee Curtis fights to put wrestling back on TV

By Candice Krieger, February 10, 2011

Look out Simon Cowell.

Former British wrestling champion Steve Lee Curtis wants to get British wrestling back on our screens - and he wants to do it X Factor-style.

Mr Lee Curtis - the 1987 British light-middleweight champion - is in talks with several television companies about a reality show, which would give wrestling wannabes the chance to land a professional contract.

The hopefuls would be coached by some of the sport's biggest names such as Mick McManus, Mark "Rollerball" Rocco and Tony 'Banger' Walsh.

They would then perform in front of a panel of judges, made up of former stars, including himself.

The Wembley local tells People: "British wrestling got taken off our screens in the late 1980s. Since then, so many people have come up to me in the street asking why it is no longer shown on British television but is still on in the United States. I tell them that I am campaigning to see if we can get it on the box again."

Mr Lee Curtis, who started wrestling aged 15, is a contemporary of wrestling greats including Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.

He believes the entertainment sport does not get the recognition it deserves.

"Millions and millions of pounds goes into televising football but it should go into other sports.

"By doing a television show like this, we could create a whole new range of stars. Wrestling should be back on television. I want to bring it back in a really big way."

So determined is the 50-year-old, who retired from the sport ten years ago, that he is considering organising a protest march.

"I am going to go right to the end until I get my way. And I can be pretty stubborn."

Last updated: 10:45am, February 10 2011