Brian Daniels writes a play inspired by his northern roots

By Candice Krieger, February 3, 2011

As artistic director at London's New End theatre, Brian Daniels has been responsible for 200 productions over 13 years. Now, he has decided to write some himself.

His debut play, A Big Day for the Goldbergs, was a sell-out, having success at the Edinburgh Festival and two festivals in Leeds - where Mr Daniels grew up. It is about a Jewish family (funnily enough) and what happens when the daughter wants to join a circus against her parents' wishes. He tells People: "It's comedic but there are serious undertones." Mr Daniels, 57, is now touring with his latest work, Where's Your Mama Gone, which runs at The Carriageworks, Leeds, from April 18 for six weeks.

Set in the 1970s, it is a drama about seven-year-old twins whose mother is murdered by a serial killer. "The play is about overcoming adversity and the impact a sudden death can have on a family." He was inspired by a book written by the son of one of the Yorkshire Ripper's victims.

"I remember growing up and the Yorkshire Ripper started striking. I recall feeling horrified by the tragedy and was particularly sympathetic to the victim's young children."

He adds: "Because the play is a Leeds story, I want it to be seen there before London. It has resonance in the North."

Last updated: 2:07pm, February 3 2011