Jan Day and Sharon Waxkirsh want to help you find love

By Candice Krieger, January 20, 2011

Singletons take note. Dating is all about being naked - albeit with your clothes on.

This is the advice of Jan Day (left), one half of the team behind a one-off Jewish dating workshop called Meetings Without Masks.

Launched with hypnotherapist Sharon Waxkirsh, the session will take place on Sunday. They established the event after noticing a demand among the Jewish community for a different kind of dating service.

The session is being run in association with Ms Day's company, Meetings Without Masks, which was set up last year and runs regular dating workshops. This is its first Jewish event, which relationship expert Ms Day, says offers an alternative to speed dating. "It encourages people to turn down their inner critic and stop judging," a system she calls "naked dating.

"It is about being naked with your clothes on - letting everyone know you're good enough just the way you are." Miss Waxkirsh, who attends Woodside Park Synagogue in north London, adds: "The more you enter into your own self, the more attractive you will be."

The gender-balanced gathering, aimed at those between 30 and 60, is to be held in Belgravia. It will include exercises to "enable friendships to blossom in an open and intimate space".

Any tips for a great date? "Before you go, write down everything you love about yourself, just so you know how beautiful you are," says Ms Day. "Remember, the person you want your date to meet is you. Show them who you truly are, not what they want you to be."


Last updated: 10:43am, January 20 2011