Lindsay Walker and Shelley-Anne Salisbury clicked at a party now they're in each others' hair

By Katie Taylor, December 16, 2010
Lindsey Walker-Gee (left) and Shelley-Anne Salisbury

Lindsey Walker-Gee (left) and Shelley-Anne Salisbury

Bad hair days could be a thing of the past now that the Linziclip has arrived.

The new generation hairclip is designed by Shelley-Anne Salisbury, the first-ever fashion lawyer, and Lindsey Walker-Gee, inventor of the fake hair piece on a clip. Mrs Walker-Gee, 52, tells People: "I take after my grandfather who was also an inventor. In WWI he was in the RAF and created a duvet which covered aeroplane engines to keep them warm." However, Mrs Walker-Gee and Mrs Salisbury's invention is far more glamourous. The pair, who met at a party and had an instant meeting of minds, created the clip which is cylindrical in shape and has hidden springs. The clip is also non-slip and doesn't dig into the head when one leans back. The flat back to the clip also allows for a range of beautiful designs.

Mrs Walker-Gee from Finchley said: "Shelley and I were talking about doing a project together. She happened to be wearing a traditional hairclip when she leaned back on her chair and the teeth of the clip dug into her head. It was a eureka moment - we thought we could improve the hair clip."

The clip comes in maxi, midi and mini sizes and took six years to create. It is sold in 17 countries. "Running a business and having children results in mega juggling. "I have a 13-year-old daughter and Shelley has three children between the ages of two and 12. It is especially difficult when we have to travel, which is quite often."

Last updated: 3:29pm, December 16 2010