David Dwek and Oliver Kingsley have a Twist in their tale

By Katie Taylor, December 9, 2010

Jewish theatre group, Junior Stage 80, presents its new production of Oliver at the Waterside Theatre in Sale, South Manchester.

The local group is in its 26th year and Oliver will be its second production in which children and adults perform together on stage.

Two Manchester Grammar School students, 11-year-old David Dwek and 12-year-old Oliver Kingsley, both from Hale, have leading roles.

David, who will be playing Oliver, said: "I haven't really acted before but I've had a lot of rehearsal so I should be ok."

His mother, Candice Dwek, will be sharing the stage with him. She said: "I play the part of Mrs Sowerberry, who runs the funeral parlour. I have many confrontations with his character and at one point I shut him in a coffin. It's amusing but strange as he's my son."

Oliver Kingsley will be the Artful Dodger, a role split between two people. He said: "I have a lot of lines to learn. I am also playing Marc Anthony in Julius Caesar, which is in January at Manchester Grammar. I'm extremely excited about both roles and I think I'm coping well with learning all the lines."

His mother, Michelle Kingsley, said: "I am very proud of Oliver. He does have a lot on at the moment, but as long as he's having fun and is enthusiastic, that's all that matters."

Last performance, Saturday December 11, 7.30pm. Box Office: 0161 912 5616

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