Jeremy Litenstone feels music is the way forward

By Katie Taylor, December 9, 2010

Jeremy Litenstone grew up in an environment of silence, being raised by deaf parents.

But this hasn't affected his love of music or his determination to break into the music business. He tells People: "I used to put my music on loud and my mum would put her hands on the table to feel the vibrations."

Singer and guitar player Jeremy has formed a band called Jelxproda – Jel is his nickname and proda is for his producer and co-writer Ant Griffith.

The father of two from St. Albans, Herts, said: "Our music is from the rock genre with a Radiohead kind of vibe."

Jeremy and Ant have written 15 tracks and will be appearing on BBC Three Counties Radio in January.

Jeremy, who is also a sign language interpreter, said: "We will be performing a few of our songs in a live session. I understand the difficulties of breaking into the music industry. It will be a challenge."

Last updated: 3:31pm, December 13 2010