Denise Nemtzov is having her 'moments' in the art world

By Candice Krieger, December 2, 2010

Whether it's an elderly man bending down to pick something up or a teenager eating chips in a doorway, Denise Nemtzov has probably painted it.

The London-based artist is known for the unique way she captures brief moments. She will be exhibiting her work - a selection of oil paintings and pastels - at the Timothy Graham Gallery in Twickenham from next week. Miss Nemtzov tells People: "The things that I like to paint are the things that you see briefly and then they are gone. I do lots of sketches.

"I have been into art since I was young. I was always doing caricatures of relatives and sketching people on the train. I love the effect of lights and shadows, and I love things to have space."

Graduating from the Camberwell School of Art and Crafts, she later completed a teaching diploma but decided she wanted to work with her hands. She also does picture framing and has exhibited at several galleries in London. She will be showing around 70 pieces at the exhibition.

Last updated: 4:01pm, December 2 2010