Jon Burgerman makes light of Chanucah cards

By Candice Krieger, November 29, 2010

Artist Jon Burgerman has come up with a new, and somewhat unusual, range of Chanucah cards.

One of them features a cowgirl on a dreidel with the caption: "Yee-hanukkah!" And there are several other quirky designs.

Mr Burgerman, 31, from Nottingham, tells People: "They are meant to be silly and fun - an alternative to the traditional, festive card. No-one else will have my designs. They are unique and I hope people can appreciate the fun element.

"The designs are anything but boring."

He was inspired to create the range by his mother Linda Burgerman, who lives in Birmingham.

"She was always telling me to make Chanucah cards. I told her that no one had ever asked me to make them - I used to make Christmas cards for different companies and I always tried to sneak in the Chanucah theme. This year, I decided to take it upon myself to create them."

Mr Burgerman hopes the range will encourage more people to buy Chanucah cards, even non-Jews who may want to buy one for their Jewish friends.

What about the growing popularity of e-cards? He said: "You get emails all day, and to receive a card by email, is just not personal.

"That's the loveliness of both writing and receiving a card - it's personal, tangible and special."

    Last updated: 11:04am, November 29 2010