Rachel Kolsky profiles Jewish art at the National Portrait Gallery

By Candice Krieger, November 19, 2010

Be it Prime Ministers, bankers or television personalities, tour guide Rachel Kolsky is showing them off at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Next week, Miss Kolsky is running a tour of the Jewish individuals who feature in the "Your Loyal Subjects" - a selection of paintings and sculptures of prominent personalities. She tells People: "There is something there for everyone, from politicians to actors, from bankers to impresarios." Subjects include Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Rothschild and Lew Grade plus some lesser-known figures such as the late Ismond Rosen, a psychiatrist and artist and English political economist David Ricardo. Miss Kolsky will be taking groups round the National Portrait Gallery explaining about the Jewish connection in each picture, its context and the story behind the commissioning. The tour takes place on November 25 and again in March. A Blue-Badge tour guide - the leading guiding qualification awarded by the Institute of Guiding - Miss Kolsky runs her own company called Go London Tours, which she established in 2004. She organises a variety of walking trips around London, many of which have Jewish themes. "I love to focus on the human stories behind the buildings revealing memories that would otherwise remain undiscovered." Previous tours have included "the Jewish East End" and "Jewish theatreland". She has worked with organisations including the Jewish Museum, the JCC and many synagogues and social groups. She is also the co-author of a book on Jewish history in London, due out in 2012.


Last updated: 12:04pm, November 30 2010