Sara Juli is throwing away her savings - quite literally

By Candice Krieger, November 12, 2010

Here's a tough one for you: What would you do if someone handed you their savings and said it was entirely up to you whether you wanted to keep the money or not - catch-free?

Dancer and producer Sara Juli is doing just that in her headline-grabbing show, The Money Conversation.

During the performance, Ms Juli, a mother-of-one from New York, gives away $5,000 to audience members. They can either keep it or return it by putting it in a box at the end of the show, depending on how they feel.

The Money Conversation, described by Ms Juli as "a bit of a psychological experiment", aims to explore the emotional relationship we have with money.

She tells People: "I created the piece at a time when my now husband and I were having a conversation about our finances. Every time we spoke about money I became very tense and we ended up in a big argument. I realised money was making me very uncomfortable."

What to do? Come up with a solo theatre show to explore the issues and put all her $5,000 savings towards it.

She says: "I give out the money during the piece and the audience can decide what to do with it. Everyone has a relationship with money if you put it out there."

Already a hit in the US, Holland, Australia and Moscow, Ms Juli, 32, is bringing her generosity to the UK this month, performing at the Chelsea Theatre, London.

Surely it's an expensive gig? "When I was in Australia I did seven shows and lost money so by the end of the week I was giving away closer to $3,000. My balance goes up and down. You never know how the audience will react. I am excited to perform in London and see what happens."

The Money Conversation is showing at Chelsea Theatre on November 16 and 17 as part of Sacred - the theatre's an annual season of live art and contemporary performance.

Last updated: 10:55am, November 12 2010