Oliver Van Emden and Bradley Rose stop you getting hot under the collar with their new shirt range

By Candice Krieger, August 26, 2010

Help is at hand for anyone worried about embarrassing sweat patches on their clothes, for entrepreneurs Oliver Van Emden and Bradley Rose have come up with a way to keep you perspiration-free.

The duo have developed FreshMax Shirts which, launched last month, eliminate sweat patches. The shirts, which are 100 per cent cotton, draw moisture away from the skin and dry very quickly. The weave actively re-directs the moisture away from the outer fibres, allowing the moisture to escape through the fabric as vapour.

They came up with the idea when they were at university in Manchester. Mr Van Emden, 30 (pictured left), has a degree in textiles and business, and a master's in textile technology. He tells People: "You would go to bars and clubs and sweating through the shirt was such an obvious problem. We couldn't understand why it hadn't been solved."

Mr Rose, who studied marketing, says: "We are extremely proud of what we've created with FreshMax." We look forward to sharing this wholly new and revolutionary technology with British men.

"We have the patent and everything is in place. It's really exciting."

The shirts, available online, sell at £50 each.


    Last updated: 11:16am, August 26 2010