Sarah Balfour wants to throw you an overseas party

By Candice Krieger, August 26, 2010

Many grooms may say they are not fussed by weddings - but don't be so sure, says wedding planner Sarah Balfour. The founder of Orchid Events tells People: "Where before men would always take a back seat in the wedding planning process, they now really want to be involved - even in the choice of flowers."

Ms Balfour, 34, recently launched the service in Israel and now divides her time between London and Tel Aviv. She says: "There has been a rise in people wanting to get married abroad, especially Israel. I think this is partly because it's cheaper but also because if you are Jewish, there's nothing quite like having your simchah in Israel."

Ms Balfour also runs Music By Arrangement, a music and entertainment agency with more than 700 artists on its books.

Last updated: 10:16am, August 26 2010