Mark Leigh reveals Borat's teddy and other bear truths

By Candice Krieger, August 19, 2010

Comedy writer Mark Leigh has written for Jonathan Ross and Rory Bremner, and worked with Chris Tarrant, Rolf Harris and Roy Chubby Brown, among others.

So he was pretty well-placed to write Teddy Bears of the Rich and Famous.

Co-written with his son Barney, 17, the book is a collection of 48 pictures of imagined bears that could have belonged to the rich and famous. Whether it's politicians, inventors, entertainers or entrepreneurs, the fictional bears attempt to reflect the personalities of their owners. Borat's bear wears a mankini (below); David Beckham's bear sports Armani underpants and Simon Cowell's wears trousers that go up to his waist. And, of course, Van Gogh's teddy has just one ear.

Surrey's Mr Leigh, 41, tells People: "Many of us had teddy bears in our formative years and Freud thought that they could influence our later life, so we have taken this to the extreme.

"I've had the idea for a while and my son had the skills to do all the Photoshop work."

'Teddy Bears of the Rich and Famous' is published by Accent and due for release in October

Last updated: 11:17am, August 19 2010