Mya Goschalk makes waves with a Pacific film idea

By Candice Krieger, July 8, 2010

JFS pupil Mya Goschalk has won an award for a film pitch about children in the developing world.

Mya, a 16-year-old AS-level pupil, entered the One World Media Youth Jury national competition with her proposal, 'Switched on in Paradise', after learning about a remote island in the South Pacific in a geography class at school. She tells People: "I read a blog about this competition and thought it sounded like an amazing opportunity.

"I want to do something to do with the developing world when I'm older so I find these kinds of things really interesting. When I learnt about this tiny island, I thought I would be the perfect thing to use as the competition entry so I started researching it."

In her pitch, she said the documentary would look at how the introduction of the internet to the island community changed the lives of the local youth.

Mya, who hopes to study geography at university, was the youngest of four winners who were selected to take part in two days of activities, including a tour of the Newsnight set and the Guardian newspaper offices.

"We had a really interesting couple of days and it was fun to learn about the media world."

Their other prize was to judge the Children's Rights Award, and they chose as winner the Dispatches film, Orphans of Burma's Cyclone.

Last updated: 11:17am, July 8 2010