Lucy Morris turns her art editing skills to creating baby gifts

By Candice Krieger, June 24, 2010

When graphic designer Lucy Morris started creating personalised baby gifts for her friends' offspring, she had no idea it would grow into a side-linebusiness.

But, a few years on, Gifts by Lucy has been born. Miss Morris, 28, who is the art editor of Conde Nast Brides magazine, has recently launched the venture - a selection of bespoke framed designs for babies. She tells People: "I first did one for my nephew a few years ago and then for a friend.

"Another saw it and asked me to make one for her. It all stemmed from there."

She will also be creating gifts for other occasions, including weddings, anniversaries and barmitzvahs but has no intentions of leaving Conde Nast, where she has worked for several years. She spent four years designing for Marie Claire.

"My friends are either having babies or know someone who is. When people have babies, they usually get smothered with toys and clothes, but this is a bit different - it is more personal."

The products cost from £25 upwards.

Illustrations come framed in a white-painted wooden picture box. Miss Morris lives in Mill Hill, north London.

Last updated: 10:29am, June 25 2010