Michael Chandler looks into the Norwich blood libel

By Candice Krieger, June 24, 2010

Norwich-based historian Michael Chandler has published his debut book. Murder and Crime in Norwich features many notorious crimes carried out in the region, including the murder of William of Norwich, which led to blood libels against the Jews of the city.

Mr Chandler, 48, tells People: "I am fascinated by the blood libel and started researching it when I moved from London to Norwich.

The William of Norwich blood libel story came up and, influenced by my Jewish background, I thought it was important for me to research it. I am hoping to do a full history of blood libel."

His second book, The Norwich Plague Guide, is due out in 2011. He said: "It looks at the famous buildings and people who have made Norwich what it is today.

"It also features Synagogue Street, which was the only street of that name in England."

Mr Chandler broadcasts monthly on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Last updated: 11:47am, June 24 2010