Richard Jackson distils his coffee shop into a play

By Sharron Livingston, June 17, 2010

Leeds-born playwright Richard Jackson and the C54 Theatre Company he founded in 2006 are on tour with their latest theatrical offering - Served.

The one-man show, which stars Mr Jackson and is directed by co-founder Natasha James, comprises four characters: an unemployed man, an elderly man grieving his wife, another who moved from Leeds to London, and a coffee shop owner. The play ends with an interesting twist.

It was first shown at Oliver's Village Café in London, a coffee shop that Mr Jackson runs. "I was inspired by customers I met," says Mr Jackson, who trained at the Central School of speech and Drama. "I thought it would be a great idea to stage the play in a coffee shop while the audience enjoy coffee and cake and become part of it."

The company's first show, The Girl in the Box, premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and their shows Of Two Days and After The End were both sell-outs.

Served is showing at Seven arts space in Leeds on July 20, 21
and 22.

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