Agnes Grunwald-Spier pays tribute to the Nazi who saved her

By Sharron Livingston, June 17, 2010

Agnes Grunwald-Spier owes her life to someone she has never met. As a baby, she was lucky enough to be saved from death by an unknown Nazi official.

Now, some 70 years later, Ms Grunwald-Spier is promoting her book, The Other Schindlers: Why Some People Chose to Save Jews in the Holocaust (The History Press, £14.99), to raise awareness of the unsung gentile heroes of the Holocaust who were driven by their conscience to save Jews.

Ms Grunwald-Spier, a trustee of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, tells People: "I have no means of knowing who that official was and what his motives were. But it is chilling to think that but for his actions, on arrival at Auschwitz I would have been tossed into the fires with other babies."

Last updated: 1:51pm, June 17 2010