Gideon Conn writes a text message song live on radio

By Sharron Livingston, June 17, 2010

Manchester troubadour Gideon Conn, 30, is releasing his debut album, New Bop Sounds, later this year.

A sculpture graduate from Manchester Met, Mr Conn decided to go it alone after producing a series of singles and "got some really good gigs from it".

Last week he did a live show on Radio 5 during which he wrote an off-the-cuff song about the texts listeners had sent in. "It was hard but enjoyable," Mr Conn tells People.

He has appeared on music radio shows such as Stephen Merchant's BBC6, XFM with Clint Boon and John Kennedy, on Radio 2 with Russell Brand and Radio 1 with Huw Stephens. Mr Conn will be performing at the Proud Gallery, north London, on July 28.

Last updated: 1:51pm, June 17 2010