Ian Davis takes photos of mini-workmen fixing imaginary teeth

By Sharron Livingston, June 17, 2010

v Like your art provocative? Then you'll appreciate the photographs that comprise the world of Toothville - they've got plenty of bite.

Dentist Ian Davis has combined his photography hobby with his profession as a dentist to produce a series of conceptual images of teeth, which he has named Toothville. Dr Davis tells People: "If teeth were the size of a house or a car, the images show how they would be treated."

Started less than a year ago, Dr Davis's work has already been featured widely in publications such as Metro and Young National Geographic, as well as on the BBC website.

The teeth in his photos are cleaned, fixed, whitened and maintained by miniature workmen, who appear as painters, builders, and even scuba divers.

"I use my imagery to explain dentistry to my patients both adults and children," says Mr Davis.


Last updated: 1:51pm, June 17 2010