Lauren Vaknine writes about her arthritis

By Candice Krieger, June 10, 2010

Interior designer Lauren Vaknine was two when she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis - a debilitating condition which at times has left her severely disabled and depressed.

Miss Vaknine, 26, has published a book chronicling her experiences of the condition. My Enemy, My Friend is the harrowing story of her journey.

Lauren tells People: "I refused to let it rule my life. I found an alternative therapy which really helped - Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing Therapy (now called BAMIA) in Israel.

"I owe a lot to homeopathy, positive thinking and balanced diet."

Miss Vaknine also has the rare eye condition uveitis and has lost the sight in her right eye.

The book, published in April, took her three months to complete.

"I am not a writer. I just woke up one morning and did it."

Last updated: 11:33am, June 10 2010