Martin Baum updates Dickens. Innit, Oliver

By Candice Krieger, May 21, 2010

It's not exactly literary. Satirist Martin Baum's latest publication is called Oi Mate, Gimme Some More!

The book, Mr Baum's second, is a collection of Charles Dickens novels but, you've guessed it, with a difference.

Dorset-based Mr Baum has rewritten the 16 works entirely in "yoof-speak" with the intention that the slang will appeal to a younger audience who may otherwise feel alienated by the books. Mr Baum's version includes Da Tale of Two Turfs, Well Good Expectations and Da Christmas Carol, among the other abridged novels. The book is based on the success of his first publication To Be or Not To Be, Innit - a "yoof-speak" guide to William Shakespeare.

Mr Baum, 50, tells People: "I didn't realise how much of a connection the Shakespeare book would help people make and I want to make Dickens's works inclusive to everybody. The aim isn't to offend anyone or replace his works, but provide encouragement for those unfamiliar with his work." Oi Mate Gimme Some More! is aimed at teenagers and above. He says the book brings a fresh take on all 16 of Dickens's novels but remains true to the original texts; "Oliver still asks for more grub, Wackford Squeers is still a sadist and the ghost massive still mess with Scrooge's mojo."

Last updated: 2:22pm, May 21 2010