Jenni and Karen Kravitz take steps to revive tango tea dances

By Candice Krieger, May 21, 2010

Two sisters who helped get London dancing again are being featured on the BBC's One Show on Thursday for their part in the revival of tea dances. Jenni and Karen Kravitz, the co-founders of dance school Simply Dancing Partners, were interviewed about their role in restoring the famous tango teas at London's Waldorf Hotel.

Jenni Kravitz, 59 (left), tells People: "The Waldorf Hotel introduced the tango there 100 years ago but gave up tea-dances altogether when they couldn't make them profitable." Simply Dancing Partners, which has been working together with the Waldorf, teaches Latin and ballroom steps. "We had assembled a team of expert dancers and persuaded the hotel we could make their tea-dances work again," says Karen Kravitz, 58. "The tango is enjoying a massive renaissance." The duo founded the school in the Upper Berkeley Street synagogue hall.

Last updated: 1:22pm, May 21 2010