Avi Petrov and Peter Zhur are hoping to shake up the vodka market with a kosher grape variety

By Candice Krieger, May 13, 2010

Attention all vodka lovers. A new kosher grape vodka could be coming to a shelf near you soon - well, if Ukranian-born Avi Petrov and Peter Zhur have their way, that is.

The duo have created what they believe is the first vodka of its type and they are hoping their brand, called Aleph, will become an integral part of Jewish culture and identity.

Canada-based Mr Petrov, 42, tells People: "The grape has such a significant place in Jewish history and we felt that there was a need for a grape vodka to be made under rabbinic kosher supervision. You can be Orthodox, Liberal, Reform or totally secular, but once you look at the Aleph bottle you will know that it is something that represents the Jewish faith and culture."

He adds: "We are from the Ukraine and that's the place for the best vodka. When we came to Vancouver in 1991, there was a lack of kosher vodka." The business partners, who also work as translators, have spent the past five years developing the Aleph prototype and are now seeking investors to help put it into production. "We are not millionaires and we would love it if there was someone who shared our vision. It's part of our faith and who we are. It's more than just vodka."


Last updated: 11:13am, May 13 2010