Philip Levine publishes poets, aids artists and uses his head as a canvas

By Candice Krieger, February 25, 2010

Cultural entrepreneur Philip Levine is helping aspiring artists to make the big time. Mr Levine is the co-founder of Lazy Gramophone, a web platform for independent UK artists of all mediums to gain exposure. On the website, users can display music, spoken word, art and writing, and organise live events.

He has since set up Lazy Gramophone Press, an independent publisher whose latest book, The Book of Apertures, features short stories, poems and illustrations produced by a collection of writers and artists.

Mr Levine, 28, tells People: "We wanted to create a platform to support developing artists and help them get signed. We are trying to be a bridge between galleries and artist who haven't had their work exhibited yet." Is he himself an artist? "Sort of." Mr Levine, who lives in Camden, north London, likes to use his head as a canvas for art and often collaborates with designer Kat Sinclair.

In 2008, Lazy Gramophone's first publication, Satsuma Sun Mover, written by Adam Green, was nominated for the Dylan Thomas Prize. The Book of Apertures is being released in April.

Last updated: 2:06pm, February 25 2010