Katie Rodinsky writes an honest and funny book on parenting

By Candice Krieger, February 25, 2010

Mother-of-five Katie Rodinsky could claim to be an expert when it comes to being a mum. Yet even she admits to getting it wrong.

In fact, Mrs Rodinsky, who has seven-year-old triplets, is keen to let women know that there is "no right way" to being a parent.

Her newly-released debut book, Mummy... is a real-life and honest account of her experiences of having five children. She tells People: "I am not giving advice to people. We all get it wrong sometimes. If someone has had a bad day, they can read the book and realise that there are others who have had a bad day too."

In the book, Mrs Rodinsky, 35, explores parenting issues including premature births, feeding, developmental issues, routines, tantrums and finding time for yourselves. "I tried to see what other parenting books didn't have and write about them from a different point of view. I am writing from what I feel is the truth, using my own mistakes. There is no right way. It's all about trial and error."

What is it like having triplets? "When we had our first scan we were completely shocked. The biggest worry is whether they will be born with any complications." She has two more children, aged five and three. A full-time mum, Mrs Rodinsky recently completed an access to nursing course. Home is in Edgware, north London.

‘Mummy…’ is published by AuthorHouse

Last updated: 2:06pm, February 25 2010