Susie Weisberger and Nadia Finer set up a women’s network

By Candice Krieger, February 11, 2010

Ladies, there is more to life than shoes. That is the message — and new business offering -— from former professionals Susie Weisberger and Nadia Finer.

The duo have co-founded More to Life than Shoes, a women’s networking group. The aim, says mother-of-one Mrs Weisberger (pictured, left), previously a marketing professional, is “to create a community for women which helps them to achieve their goals whether that’s to run the marathon, start a business, change career or do something completely different with their lives”. The duo set up the group with colleague Emily Cleaver.

A former consultant, Mrs Finer, 31, also a mother-of-one, tells People: “My friends and I all talked about changing our lives and following our passions, but for some reason, all we did was talk about it. We needed a support network that would help inspire and motivate us to actually do it, as well as give us practical support to overcome obstacles flung in our path.” More to Life than Shoes groups meet once a month at various locations across the UK. Mrs Weisberger, 32, tells People: “It’s not about swapping business cards. It is more of a support network. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re interested in writing a book or setting up a cake shop. You don’t need to have a goal in mind.” Membership costs £12 a month, plus a £30 joining fee.

Last updated: 4:47pm, February 11 2010