Marvin Shaw has a 12-month kosher plan for happiness for you to follow this year

By Candice Krieger, January 7, 2010

This month, the month of Tevet, we should all be working on overcoming our anger to achieve a feeling of serenity, and come Iyar — April/May time — we should confront any inclination towards doubt and insecurity. According, that is, to Kabbalistic life coach Marvin Shaw.

Mr Shaw, 55, says there is a 12-step programme which can help people reveal and release their inner potential. It is based on the Kabbalistic notion hat each Jewish month has a “hoosh” (energy) which we should focus on during that month and, by working on these 12 energies, we can become much happier people.

He shares his beliefs in his latest book, Kosher Happiness (i2i publishing). He tells People: “We all have challenges in our lives but it’s the way we look at them that is important. There are certain character traits we need to help us perform well and, each month, you should work on a particular one. The book helps you do that.”

Each month, the reader is provided with practical steps and recommendations, including healing meditations and poems to recite. As for Tevet, “it is a particularly auspicious time to work on our anger”. Healing actions for this month include writing down any frustrations or annoyances — then gleefully tearing the paper into sheds.

The author of 10 Days to Change Your Life, Mr Shaw has been a life coach for ten years. He teaches counselling, colour therapy, stress-busting and personal development. He was recently a guest speaker at Limmud.

Last updated: 10:26am, January 7 2010