Jamie Belnikoff helps boost education in Ghana

By Candice Krieger, September 9, 2009

Market researcher Jamie Belnikoff decided that he wanted to do more than “just earn money”, and so he set up a charity to help young adults in Africa build a brighter future.

He is the founder of Onechild Ghana, which primarily aims to improve the education of pupils at community centres in the Ashanti region. So far, the charity has raised more than £20,000.

Chigwell-based Mr Belnikoff, who runs the organisation voluntarily in addition to his job as an account manager for a London market research firm, tells People: “After University I worked at the Baworo school in Ghana and this inspired me to create the charity. We want to improve the quality of education in Ghana and empower local schools, enabling them to help themselves.”


Last updated: 5:37pm, October 13 2009