On this day: A new record for divorce

December 29 2009: Jerusalem man granted 11th divorce

By Jennifer Lipman, December 29, 2010

Until December 2009, the record for divorces in Israel was a man who had faced seven broken relationships.

But then a 50-year-old man set a new record in the country, racking up his 11th divorce – in keeping with his tradition of one split every two years.

Each divorce was conducted in Israel – as were the marriages – and each was in accordance with halachah.
His grand total was no deterrent – when the story emerged the Jerusalem resident was already on the lookout for his next partner.

Despite his age, the man had not yet gone grey and was confident he would marry again. He told the beth din: “I throw out a hook and the fish come on their own."

The man even beat other famous Jewish divorcés, including broadcaster Larry King (married eight times) and actor Eddie Fisher (married five times).

What the JC said about Eddie Fisher: To those who remember him at all, Eddie Fisher was the husband of Debbie Reynolds who left her for Elizabeth Taylor and went on to have a sex life that made him more headlines than his career ever did as a singer.

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