On this day: Jeff Goldblum is born

October 22 1952: From freak number one to a Hollywood legend

By Jennifer Lipman, October 22, 2010

Actor Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum grew up in Jewish home in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. His mother was a radio broadcaster, his father a doctor.

At 17 he moved to New York to become an actor, working in small stage shows until his Broadway breakout in the Tony Award-winning musical Two Gentlemen of Verona.

In 1974 he made his first film, cast as the enviable “freak number one”, and has never looked back.

Since then, he has hunted dinosaurs as the in Jurassic Park, played a computer genius fighting off an alien invasion in Independence Day and starred as a mad scientist in the horror film The Fly.

It was on the set of that film that he began a relationship with actress Geena Davis, who later became his second wife. The couple appeared in three films together, but split up in 1990.

In 2008 Goldblum starred as a Holocaust survivor living in a psychiatric hospital, in the German-Israeli film Adam resurrected. He has taught acting at the Playhouse West in North Hollywood, been the voice of Apple and enjoyed a cameo spot on children’s series Sesame Street.

In summer 2010 he made a rare West End appearance in the Neil Simon comedy play The Prisoner of Second Avenue.

What the JC said: Believe it or not, his ears are the most instant suggestion of something lurking, ready to fly. They are fiercely pointed. And then there are the eyeballs and the way they start pounding round his sockets when he’s looking for the words to convey what he wants to say. Over the past 20 years or so, Goldblum has carved a niche in Hollywood as the smoothie who’s hiding something a bit, well, creepy.

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