Israel news

Mrs Netanyahu sued by her maid

By Anshel Pfeffer, January 21, 2010

A lawsuit against the Netanyahu family brought by their former housekeeper has cast a new set of question marks over the conduct of Sarah Netanyahu and her influence on her husband’s policy-making.

Lillian Peretz, who was employed for six years as housekeeper at the Netanyahu weekend home in Caesarea, claimed in the Labour Court lawsuit that she was paid beneath the minimum wage, not given social benefits and forced to work on Saturdays despite being Shabbat-observant.


David Abrahams meets Hamas

By Jessica Elgot, January 21, 2010

British businessman David Abrahams claims to have obtained a significant concession from Hamas following a private meeting with the group’s leadership.

Mr Abrahams says that Palestinian Legislative Council speaker Aziz Dwaik told him the organisation “may be prepared” to nullify the Hamas Charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel.

Once a key player in Labour’s “donorgate” scandal, Newcastle property developer Mr Abrahams says he has set out on a personal mission to help negotiate peace in the Middle East.


Israel reopens Ethiopian immigration

By Jessica Elgot, January 19, 2010

Eighty-one immigrants from the Falash Mura community have touched down in Israel, the first to make aliyah since a controversial Israeli decision to ban further Ethopian immigration.

This is the first flight of the Falash Mura since the Israeli government decided to end Ethiopian immigration in August 2008, with another 63 due to arrive tomorrow.

The ruling was reversed in December 2009 after the Jewish Agency for Israel threw its support for bringing the Ethiopian immigrants to Israel.


Israeli 'polygamous guru' held for rape allegations

By Jessica Elgot, January 15, 2010

Israeli self-styled ‘guru’ Goel Ratzon has had his appeal for bail rejected after he was arrested on suspicion of enslaving and raping several of his 17 ‘wives’.

The Tel Aviv District Court on Friday rejected an appeal filed by Mr Ratzon against the extension of his 12-day remand.

He will be held in a Tel Aviv jail until his court date. No formal charges have been made but he is held on suspicion of enslavement, rape and extortion.


Child killings fuel Israel 'crime-wave' fears

By Nathan Jeffay, January 14, 2010

After a murder reminiscent of the James Bulger case and several other apparently violent deaths since the New Year, Israelis are becoming increasingly concerned about violent crime.

On January 1, police found the body of seven-year-old Leon Kalantarov in the bedroom of Naor and Adir Sudmi, twins in their 20s who live in the boy’s home town, near Ashdod.


Rabbi: Conversion annullment 'illegal'

By Anshel Pfeffer, January 14, 2010

A rabbi is causing an uproar in Israel’s strictly Orthodox community with a new book in which he insists that there is no Halachic basis for the annulment of conversions.

Rabbi Haim Amsalem, a Shas MK, has been told by his party’s leaders in the past to rein in his zeal to publish Halachic rulings.

One of the party’s ministers even said recently: “He has to decide whether he’s a politician or a rabbi.”

But Rabbi Amsalem is undeterred and his latest book, soon to be published, contains a bombshell.


Israel to fence off Egyptian border

By Anshel Pfeffer, January 14, 2010

After years of deliberations, the Israeli government has decided to build a border fence along its border with Egypt. The fence is meant to keep out terrorists, but the more immediate reason is to stem the flood of African refugees into Israel.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu authorised a plan presented to him by the Defence Ministry to spend NIS 1.5 billion on a fence between Israel and Egypt.

Besides a few short fences near the Gaza Strip to the north and Eilat in the south, most of the border, over 300km, is not fenced.


Turkey threat to recall envoy after Ayalon row

By Jessica Elgot, January 13, 2010

Turkey has threatened to recall its ambassador to Israel after his alleged humiliating reprimand by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.

Turkish envoy Ahmet Oguz Celikkol was apparently made to sit in a low chair during his heated discussions with Mr Ayalon, who refused to shake his hand. He was called in after a TV programme aired on Turkish TV which depicted IDF soldiers as brutal killers and babysnatchers.

Mr Ayalon also allegedly told reporters that they should photograph the ambassador sitting in the low chair.


Settler leader resigns in row with Yesha council

By Jessica Elgot, January 11, 2010

Settler leader Pinchas Wallerstein has dramatically quit the Yesha Council after a row with chairman Danny Dayan.

Mr Wallerstein, 61 has served as director of the council, which is an umbrella organisation for the settler communities in West Bank, since 2008. But he has worked for settler communities for 35 years, working in the Ofra settlement, the Gush Emunim movement and the Binyamin regional council.

His resignation comes as the settler movement is facing a crucial battle against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s settlement construction freeze.


Egypt bans aid convoys to Gaza

By Jessica Elgot, January 11, 2010

Egypt has announced it is to ban all foreign aid convoys to Gaza after activists from the Viva Palestina convoy led by MP George Galloway clashed with police on the Rafah border.

Mr Galloway was deported from Gaza after attempting to re-enter the territory after part of the convoy was allowed a limited amount of time to distribute aid in Gaza.

A statement from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said: "The deportation was to protect him from the Egyptian people's anger. George Galloway is considered persona non grata and will not be allowed to enter into Egypt again."