Israel news

Bibi runs against himself in Likud race

By Anshel Pfeffer, January 14, 2016

Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to secure his leadership of the Likud for the next seven years may have turned out to be too successful.


Former Israeli president Shimon Peres hospitalised after heart attack

By Jessica Weinstein, January 14, 2016

Former Israeli president Shimon Peres was admitted to hospital on Thursday morning after experiencing chest pains.

The 92-year-old is reportedly now in a “stable condition” following an operation - a cardiac catheterisation - after doctors discovered a narrowed artery in his heart.


Facebook shuts down 'Stop Palestinians' group but rules identical 'Stop Israelis' page doesn't violate rules

By Josh Jackman, January 12, 2016

Deri returns to the scene of crime, 22 years later

By Anshel Pfeffer, January 12, 2016

Twenty-two years after an indictment forced him to leave the Interior Ministry, Aryeh Deri, the first Israeli minister to serve time for bribe-taking, was reappointed Interior Minister on Sunday.

The leader of Shas was poised to return to the powerful ministry last year when Benjamin Netanyahu formed his new government — but, at the last minute, took the Economics Ministry instead.


Israeli company creates robot suitcase that follows you

By Josh Jackman, January 11, 2016

An Israeli start-up has created a suitcase that can follow you around.

NUA Robotics’ invention uses Bluetooth to shadow you - or more specifically, your smartphone - wherever you go, meaning there is no need to carry or even keep an eye on your luggage.


I'm inspired by people's stupidity: Israel's super troll

By Josh Jackman, January 9, 2016

Internet trolls have a bad name. But while they are best known for abuse and threats, one Israeli woman shows they can have a good side.

With her tongue firmly in her cheek, Tel Aviv comedian Dafni Gafni (not her real name) has wreaked havoc on the Facebook pages of the famous and the infamous alike.


Suspected Tel Aviv bar killer shot dead

By JC Reporter, January 8, 2016

The gunman suspected of killing two and wounded seven others in an attack in Tel Aviv last Friday has reportedly been shot dead.

According to reports, Nashat Melhem who is alleged to have opened fire in a bar last week, was today found by police in his home town of Ar'ara in northern Israel, after a week-long manhunt.

He was shot dead following a firefight with police officers.


East Jerusalem residents ‘plotted to kill Netanyahu’

By JC Reporter, January 8, 2016

An indictment has been filed against two East Jerusalem residents accused of planning an attack on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Israeli soldiers attacked in two attempted stabbings in West Bank

By Josh Jackman, January 8, 2016

Four Palestinians have been killed after they attempted to attack Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.


I saw off an armed Bedouin gang. Now I am shaping them into Israeli leaders

By Josh Jackman, January 8, 2016

Five years ago, Matan Yaffe was confronted by a gang of Bedouin youths, armed with metal bars and intent on stealing the motorbike he was riding through the Negev desert.

Today he is running a leadership programme for teens just like those who threatened him.