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Truce reported - but rockets from Gaza still flying

By Sandy Rashty, August 13, 2014

Rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza this evening, despite unconfirmed reports that a five-day truce had been agreed with Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister reportedly ordered the IDF to retaliate.

The rockets, believed to have been be fired by Hamas operatives in Gaza, landed in southern Israel before a previous three-day ceasefire ended.


Three Israelis dead in Swiss train crash

By JC Reporter, August 11, 2014

Three Israeli tourists died and five others were seriously wounded when the bus they were travelling in was hit by a train near Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.

The Israelis — four men and four women — had been travelling to Engelberg, just south of the lake, according to local reports.

It is not yet clear why the minibus was crossing the railway line in the path of the train.


Hamas say ceasefire will be renewed

By Daniel Easterman, August 8, 2014

UPDATE: Hamas will start a new unofficial truce at 8pm local time, according to Palestinian sources close to the ceasefire negotiations in Cairo.

Early reports from Egypt indicate that only minor disagreements remain between the two sides.

The previous three-day Gaza ceasefire expired at 8am local time as talks broke down amid rocket fire from Hamas and retaliatory air strikes by Israel.


Third Temple reverie finds crowdfunding

By Isabel De Bertodano, August 7, 2014

A group with ambitions to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem has turned to internet crowdfunding to raise capital for the project.

The Temple Institute hopes to raise $100,000 (£59k) on the Indiegogo website, where small amounts of money can be invested by members of the public into projects they believe have potential or value.


IDF prepares for war crimes accusations

By Anshel Pfeffer, August 7, 2014

Two IDF teams are collecting evidence to respond to possible war crimes accusations in the wake of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.

One team, headed by Major General Noam Tibon, commander of Northern Corps, has been investigating cases in which IDF fire caused civilian casualties, and is preparing a number of reports.


Blockade is multi-billion business for Hamas chiefs

By Nathan Jeffay, August 7, 2014

As fighting has raged, pictures of Hamas leaders out of danger and enjoying the high life while their subjects suffer have gone viral. But according to Israeli expert Moshe Elad, who has been closely watching the Islamist movement for years, the images only show the tip of the iceberg.


Israel's political split grows

By Anshel Pfeffer, August 7, 2014

With the fighting in Gaza apparently over, Knesset members have begun to acclimatise themselves to a different political landscape.

The split within Likud between centrists and right-wingers has become more pronounced.


Israel in tears over soldier who was abducted - then wasn't

By Anshel Pfeffer, August 7, 2014

For long hours on Friday, the IDF believed Hamas may have succeeded in capturing Lieutenant Hadar Goldin and spiriting him away through a tunnel to Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.


Truce holds but both sides keep fingers on trigger

By Anshel Pfeffer, August 7, 2014

Israeli negotiators were seeking to hammer out a lasting truce with Hamas as the JC went to press on Wednesday night.

It is unclear, however, what that agreement will look like as Hamas refuses to contemplate dismantling its military infrastructure and the Israeli government has yet to formulate a detailed alternative to its policy of blockading the Gaza Strip.


For Hamas, the horror in Gaza is the strategy

By Richard Kemp, August 7, 2014

Hamas do not ignore the laws of war. They know them well and do everything they can to exploit Israel's adherence to them.