‘Rally cancelled’ message exposed as a hoax

January 9, 2009

A Hoax email was sent to thousands of inboxes late on Friday afternoon, claiming that today's (Sunday) Rally for Israel had been cancelled.

The email purported to come from the Board of Deputies but organisers immediately made clear it had no foundation. The rally will took place as planned.

Rabbi Danny Rich, the chief executive of Liberal Judaism, earlier dissociated himself from the solidarity rallies in London and Manchester.

In a statement, he said he could “not subscribe to the tone of the response, believing that, in accord with my Jewish teaching and humanitarian instinct, the appropriate reaction is to call for an immediate ceasefire (perhaps the Franco-Egyptian proposal) which may prevent further tragedy engulfing the Palestinian civilian population and save injury and worse to both Israelis in uniform and their fellow citizens in their homes.”

He said; “I am convinced that the continuing violence in the region will exacerbate tensions, nurture hatred, and make more difficult a peaceful resolution which is in the interests of both the Palestinian people and the State of Israel.”

The Liberal head is the first UK Jewish religious leader to publicly break ranks by declining to endorse the pro-Israel campaign agreed by Jewish leaders earlier this week.

He revealed that he had instead signed a statement with other faith leaders calling for a ceasefire and would be addressing a Muslim meeting in Batley on Sunday.

Rabbi Rich said; “I know that many of my colleagues and friends will be disappointed that I have gone public with these very serious reservations, and I have only done so after much prayer, reflection and thought.”

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Rabbi Rich and Baroness Neuberger et.al. have every right to their opinion, BUT how do they propose to turn their view into practice on the ground? The Hamas charter gives their purpose as the destruction of Israel and the murder of all Jews world wide. How can Israel negotiate with these people? Even Fatah can't work with them.