IDF gets a fresh face

By Yaakov Katz, January 15, 2009
Media star: Captain Elie Isaacson

Media star: Captain Elie Isaacson

A Manchester-born soldier has become one of the public faces of the IDF during Operation Cast Lead.

Former paratrooper Elie Isaacson, 28, made aliyah in 2000 and heads the North American Desk in the IDF Spokesman’s Unit.

The work, he said, is extremely interesting. “We are dealing with press from all over the world and it is a challenge but we are more on top than ever before,” he said. “The fact that I have a combat background gives what I say a bigger punch since when I talk about the field I know what I am talking about. I have been there and have seen it.”

The efforts at hasbarah have been paying off, he added. “People are realising that we have been under attack for years and that this operation is justified,” he said.

Last updated: 11:54am, January 20 2009