Sporcle makes Palestine a state

By Anna Sheinman, January 16, 2013
The Countries of the World quiz on Sporcle

The Countries of the World quiz on Sporcle

From today Palestine will be considered a state - by cult online quiz site Sporcle.

The website, which has 10 million monthly individual users, has announced in a blog post that following the Palestinian Authority’s upgrade in the UN, Palestine will now be considered a ‘Country of the World’.

The website contains over 300,000 quizzes, the third most played is ‘Countries of the World’, which has been played 6.3 million times.

The Sporcle blog post said of the UN vote: “Politics aside, this was a pretty big deal at Sporcle as suddenly and without much warning Palestine met our criteria for what we consider a country.”

They said their approach was one of consistency. “If non-UN member countries like Vatican City, Taiwan and Kosovo are considered countries on our site, then we won’t exclude Palestine if it enjoys a similar country status as the others,” the blog said.

From today, January 16, the site will be adding Palestine to all the relevant quizzes including ‘Flags of the World’ and ‘Countries of Asia’.

User comments ranged from anger to acceptance, but most, in true Sporcle style, involved more questions. What is the capital of Palestine, for the ‘Capitals of the World’ quiz? Is Jordan a bordering country? And should the UN be the final arbiter of what constitutes statehood?

Last updated: 1:34pm, January 16 2013