Israeli ban on underweight models begins

By Jennifer Lipman, January 3, 2013

Israel has brought in the new year with a ban on the use of underweight models in advertising campaigns.

The new law was passed by the Knesset last March and came into effect on January 1. In a move that campaigners have long encouraged the global fashion industry to accept, Israeli advertisers will no longer be able to use models who look underweight or who cannot produce an up-to-date medical report proving that their body mass index is above 18.5.

Advertisers will also be required to disclose if they have digitally edited or airbrushed photographs to make those pictured appear slimmer than in reality.

Other countries, among them Spain, Italy and Australia, have already adopted similar restrictions on models but in the UK the fashion industry regulates itself .

Another restriction that came into force on Tuesday prevents Israeli companies from marketing or selling cosmetics of cleaning products tested on animals.

Last updated: 12:38pm, January 3 2013