Former IDF Chief Amnon Lipkin-Shahak dies aged 68

By Anna Sheinman, December 19, 2012
Amnon Lipkin-Shahak

Amnon Lipkin-Shahak

Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, a former chief of staff of the Israeli army and a leading member of Knesset, has died aged 68.

Mr Lipkin-Shahak joined the IDF in 1962, served in the Six Day War and succeeded Ehud Barak as the 15th Chief of the General Staff in 1995.

In 1998 he left the army and joined the newly-formed Centre Party. He served as Minister for Tourism and later Minister of Transport before resigning in 2001.

Mr Likpkin-Shahak was the chairman of the board of the Peres Centre for Peace. The centre has expressed its deep sadness at his death saying: “His contributions to Israel and to the creation of a better region are invaluable. He was a true friend and strong supporter of peace and will be truly missed by us all.”

He is survived by his wife, journalist Tali Lipkin-Shahak and his five children.

Last updated: 6:13pm, December 19 2012