PA will not refrain from taking Israel to ICC

By Anna Sheinman, November 27, 2012
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN (Photo: AP)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN (Photo: AP)

The Palestinian Authority has rebuffed calls to promise not prosecute Israel in the International Criminal Court if the UN General Assembly votes to upgrade the body to non-member observer status on Thursday.

American diplomatic efforts to soften the wording of the Palestinian resolution and introduce a clause in which the PA promises not to sue for war crimes has not been successful.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz has reported that the final draft of the motion has now been filed and contains no such clause. This news comes despite British officials stating that they would not support the PA bid without that promise.

The vote on the upgrade of the PA is expected to pass with a two-thirds majority, with or without the support of Western states.

Last updated: 5:05pm, November 27 2012