Fashion legend Lea Gottlieb dies at 94

By Zoe Winograd, November 19, 2012

Israeli fashion great Lea Gottlieb died on Saturday evening in Tel Aviv at the age of 94.

The Holocaust survivor, who immigrated to Israel from Hungary in 1949, was best known as the founder and chief designer of the Gottex beachwear and swimwear company. Founded in 1956, Mrs Gottlieb’s swimwear company was a major success worldwide, exporting to over 80 countries. Gottex became an internationally renowned brand.

Lady Sea, as she was affectionately known in the fashion world, was also a major supporter of Israeli art and design schools and universities.

Gottex 's president and chief executive, Joey Schwebel, said in a statement on Saturday: "We bow our heads in the memory of Lea Gottlieb. Since the state's establishment, Lea Gottlieb has brought the message of Israeli fashion to the entire world."

Last updated: 2:49pm, November 19 2012