El Al flight makes emergency landing in Ireland

By Hadas Haimov, November 6, 2012
An El Al flight (Photo: AP)

An El Al flight (Photo: AP)

An El Al flight en route from Tel Aviv to New York made an emergency landing in Ireland after passengers said they had smelled something burning.

The 747 Boeing aircraft, carrying more than 300 passengers and crew members, was forced to land at Shannon Airport on Monday.

“There was a very strong smell so the crew turned off the electricity supply, but it didn’t help” said one of the passengers.

Six hours into the flight the odour had become stronger and the pilot decided to make an emergency stop.

Earlier this year, another El Al plane made an emergency landing in London after one of its engines had exploded.

In both cases no-one was harmed and the passengers were sent to hotels to rest and wait for the next flight.

An El Al spokesperson said the company was taking great measures to assure the safety of its flights.

Last updated: 5:12pm, November 7 2012