Israeli Olympian competed despite chronic blood disease

By Ben Hartman, August 23, 2012

Days after she finished seventh in the Olympic windsurfing competition, Lee Korsitz revealed that she has suffered from a chronic blood disease since she was 16.

The 29-year-old, three-time world champion revealed her secret to the Israeli public in mid-August, saying that while the disease will not kill her, she takes a battery of pills every day, a routine she will have to keep up for the rest of her life. She did not reveal the name of the condition.

Ms Korsitz’s disappointing finish was possibly the most glaring failure of the 2012 Israeli Olympic team, which failed to win a single medal.

Despite Ms Korsitz’s disease, Yehuda Maimon, the Chairman of the Israel Sailing Federation, said he believes she could be a medal threat in the 2016 Olympics, pointing out that she is younger than some of the competitors who finished ahead of her in London.

“She’s very talented at dealing with difficult conditions and if she has the motivation and devotion she can make it to another Olympics,” he said.

Last updated: 12:42pm, August 23 2012