Terror group fires rockets at Eilat

By Sandy Rashty, August 16, 2012

An Islamic terrorist group has claimed responsibility for firing rockets into Eilat on Wednesday evening.

Police resumed searching for remains of a Grad missile rocket at 6:30am this Thursday morning, after the Salafi Front claimed it had caused the two explosions in the resort.

No injuries or damages were reported after security forces suspected the rockets having been sent from the Sinai Peninsula.

Micky Rosenfeld, spokesman for Israeli police , said that the police emergency number was flooded with residents' calls on Wednesday night.

The Salafi Front has also claimed responsibility for firing more than a dozen attacks on the Egypt-Israel pipeline since February 2011.

Security alerts have been issued in the area and this month Israel issued a travel warning to citizens with regard to the Sinai.

This week Egypt gave Israel military permission to enter Sinai in a bid to tackle terrorism in the region.

Last updated: 5:42pm, August 16 2012