IDF dismisses false Press TV report about goat theft

By Jennifer Lipman, July 19, 2012

The IDF has firmly dismissed a report in the Iranian media that its soldiers stole 1,000 goats from Southern Lebanon.

According to Press TV, in a story that was also repeated in the Arab media, 20 Israeli soldiers crossed the border. After failing to kidnap two shepherds, the Iranian government mouthpiece reported that "the Israeli forces then stole 1,000 goats in the area".

Asked about the alleged incident, a spokesman for the IDF said what was reported was "inaccurate and misleading"

He added that no goats were involved at all. "Approximately 450 sheep crossed into Israeli territory," said the spokesman. "At no point did an IDF soldier cross into Lebanon during this incident. The IDF is prepared to respond to any incident along the border."

Last updated: 3:22pm, July 19 2012